Reimagining Earth’s Smallest Brand

A living museum, Butterfly Pavilion uses global research and intimate experience to connect Colorado families with 5,000 invertebrate residents from around the globe. To take the hidden heroes of the animal kingdom mainstream, the Butterfly Pavilion brand had to change the way people think about invertebrates.

The Need

  • Reimagine the Butterfly Pavilion brand to be more approachable for visitors who might have a case of the creepy crawlies

  • Remedy backend issues and a poor user experience with a mobile-first website that could serve as a natural extension of the redesigned brand

  • Build tools for Butterfly Pavilion to flourish for years to come, including a style guide featuring brand components and a completely new visual identity

Natural Tones

Inspired directly by the lovable invertebrates at Butterfly Pavilion, the new color palette features a varying spectrum of warm hues and organic gradients so vibrant that they could only have come from the natural world.


B’Dazzled Blue

Brown Sugar

Russian Violet

Chinese Red

Shiny Shamrock

A Brand We See Ourselves In

Because the natural world is a reflection of who we are, the Butterfly Pavilion logo makes a subtle nod to the role of humans in nature. Like in nature, the logo has an inherent variability that stays true to the brand with the ability to constantly evolve. And it demonstrates the ever-so-delicate balance between beauty and symmetry.

Micro Becomes Macro

Tiny details are a big deal. We looked a little deeper and leveraged patterns found on our tiny friends to “skin” our collateral. Look closely … Can you see the butterfly wing structures? What about the honeycombed eyes?

Giving A Voice To Our Hidden Heroes

To activate headlines with built-in visual interest, this system of lockups features a mix of modern and raw type that can’t help but get noticed. Just like they do in nature, our tiny friends leave a big imprint via a contextual illustration on the emphasized word.

In The Wild

The Butterfly Pavilion brand takes invertebrates out of the wild and into hearts and homes. The new design system makes it possible to elevate the new brand in any medium, taking the natural world to the next level.

Brand Applications and Advertising Concepts with “Legs”

Scaling Up

When it came to website U/X and U/I, naturally we started with small screens. But what we created was even bigger: an environment that easily scaled up to accommodate a wide range of users, vertebrate and invertebrate alike.

Science Behind The Screen

The desktop version of the site houses full-screen visuals and video support to create a larger-than-life experience for visitors. Where the mobile version of the site solves the problem of being able to quickly purchase tickets on the go, the desktop version creates even more opportunities to learn about Butterfly Pavilion animals, conservation efforts and exhibits.

Equipped To Evolve

With structure comes autonomy, and Butterfly Pavilion uses a style guide to maintain consistency of its assets across users and channels. Look inside and you’ll find everything needed to fulfill the huge purpose of these tiny creatures.

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