A Branded Ecosystem in 5 Weeks.

Online publisher Early to Rise tried to sell products from the Eat More Burn More brand for years.

The flagship product, the Eat More Burn More cookbook, was being sold through a traditional Direct Response formula: a video sales letter, a longer sales narrative and ultimately an offer.

But the brand had a much bigger story to tell.

Every great brand starts somewhere.

Yep. Secret Formula. And, in case you missed it, it’s underlined and in bold.

Eat More Burn More
was stuck.

There were grand plans for Eat More Burn More but without a discernible brand, there wasn’t any opportunity to expand the product line, or build equity and name recognition.

That’s where our story begins…

The Need:

  • Create a brand identity
  • Create a unified look and feel to leverage across products and sales material
  • Build new sales pages that utilize the narrative and conversion tactics of the current versions but infused with more visuals
  • Drive product upsell opportunity and raise Actual Cart Value
  • Create a display media platform
  • Bring more emotion and personality into social channels

Tag, You’re It

Eat More Burn More, paired with Executive French Chef Gui Alinat, gave people the right tools to build a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

Incredible food. A great time cooking it. Effortless weight loss.

Great, but how do you manifest all that value into a tagline?

We were in need of a delicious reduction.

Please don’t leave.

Empower Your Healthy

Everything we make. Everything we teach. It’s all about empowering you. Empowering your health. Empowering your desire to change. This is more than recipes. More than losing weight. More than hollow, unsubstantiated claims.

And way more than a cookbook.

Product Art

With over 14,000 remaining in inventory, the book itself couldn’t be rebranded. And current representations of the product were cold and sterile.

The brand needed an expanded visual set that allowed users to envision what it would be like to have these products in their kitchens — and the fabulous things they’d make with them.

So we started transitioning updated digital materials into the ecosystem. These could be used as upsells during the checkout process or sold as standalone digital products. And the cookbook and several supporting products were reconstructed and implemented into warmer scenes.

A Transition. Period.

In life, you can’t always get what you want. We wanted to rebrand everything and put it right into market. Immediately. But it just wasn’t feasible.

So we did a soft update to work the new mark into some of the digital upsells (shown above) and built a brand new fancy design system for new products (shown below).

Display Media

We engineered a mix of ad creative designed to perform throughout the sales cycle. Awareness -> Consideration -> Conversion. Designed to reduce Cost Per Click, each ad placed the price directly in the Call to Action. We deployed the creative with variants for A/B testing and a full re-marketing infrastructure.

Awareness Ad Set: On Flambé

In addition to several static image ads, we built this motion piece for Facebook.

Awareness Ad Set: Stars Align

The product’s high Amazon score made it possible to target this first display ad set at 100% cold traffic.

Awareness Ad Set: Shelf Life

We placed a creative variation in-market for A/B testing with an alternate look and feel, and headline.

Conversion Ad Set: $9.99

A click without a conversion set off a retargeting strategy that sweetened the deal with a price reduction.

Final Offer Ad Set: $5.00

As a last ditch effort, an offer dropped for a $5.00 digital version of the book. While this price barely covered CPC, it placed customers in the upsell funnel and provided an opportunity to acquire more sales over time.

Brand Site

Part of the new brand rollout, a full brand site served as a platform to introduce Chef Gui, upcoming products and content.

See multiple iterations and different parts of the prototype on Invision.

See It In InVision

Sales Letters

Revamped sales letters contained a mix of first-person narrative from Chef Gui, but with a much stronger visual brand presence.

See different versions and several iterations on Invision.

See Them In InVision

Social Media

The Eat More Burn More philosophy needed to be shared. We used heaping portions of Chef Gui’s big, genuine personality as inspiration.


Early metrics showed the new brand performed well over 300% above the baseline. I’ve taken the average over time here — a measly 187% improvement.

Actual Cart Value also increased by an excess of 150% (up from just $10.00).

Page Conversion Metrics
Average Cart Value
FB Page Likes Per Week

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